Forgotten technologies of maritime transport

The date of birth of ekranoplanes is considered to be 1962. The main feature of the new type of transport was the combination of the capabilities of the aircraft and the screen aircraft.


Air giant. Superheavy transport aircraft M-52

In the 1970s, the USSR directly linked its economic development with the massive development of Siberia, the Far East and the Far North, which required the delivery of heavy


How to make the process of export-import transportation of perishable goods as fast as possible?

International transportation of perishable goods is a popular and demanded, but at the same time, a risky and difficult type of cargo transportation. Organization of cargo transportation,


The cycle of life of containers in nature

While the shortage of containers for cargo transportation is in an acute phase all over the world, resourceful entrepreneurs give a second life to old containers that have gone out of circulation.


Types of cargo ships

One of the most popular ways of delivering goods around the world is sea transportation. Let's decide right away: for the transportation of goods by sea they do not swim, but go, and not ships


International logistics market in 2022 – how will it be?

Futurist Jamais Kashio proposed to describe the state of the world today with the abbreviation BANI (brittle, anxious, nonlinear, incomprehensible - fragile, disturbing, non-linear, incomprehensible) instead of the existing VUCA